Committee Members 2022 – 2023

The Central Counties Region Committee are very pleased and proud to announce that two of our members have been elected to the National Council.

Norman Hemsley – President Central Counties Region.
Elected National Councillor
Chair of National Sites Committee
National Countryside Care Officer. CCR Countryside Care Officer.
Mr Phil Henson – Vice President Central Counties Region.
Chairman to the Camping and Caravanning Club
and an elected member of the following Committees:
Executive, Management, Communications and Exempted Camping. Central Counties Fixture List Officer.
Larry Brown – Vice President Central Counties Region.
Trevor Cooke – Vice President Central Counties Region
Co-opted National Councillor
Deputy Appointee to the National Council, Member of the Communications Committee.
Christine Higgins – Chairman for Central Counties Region
Elected CCR Councillor
Paul Hemsley – Vice Chair Central Counties Region
Appointed National Councillor
RYLO – Elected CCR Councillor
Gordon Barlow – Immediate Past Chair Central Counties Region,
Appointee to National Council. Elected CCR Councillor
Cheryl Taylor – Secretary Central Counties Region
Deputy Appointed National Councillor
Elected CCR Councillor
Mrs Sandra Shaw – Treasurer
Elected CCR Councillor
Paul and Sarah Hemsley- Regional Youth Officers.
Sarah Hemsley – RYLO – Elected CCR Councillor,
National Youth Vice Chairman.
David Sewell – PRO Central Counties Region, Elected CCR Councillor
Co-opted National Councillor
Member of the Communications Committee.
Mr Paul Taylor – Central Counties Region Webmaster
Elected CCR Councillor
Val Thompson – Social Secretary
Elected CCR Councillor
Kay Sumner
Kay Sumner Elected – Sites Officer
Elected CCR Councillor
Simon Hunt
Simon Hunt – Regalia and Equipment
Elected CCR Councillor
Dennis Purbrick - Ellected Councillor
Dennis Purbrick
Elected CCR Councillor
Harry Wilkinson- Countryside Care
Harry Wilkinson
Elected CCR Councillor
Mr Richard Anthony
Elected CCR Councillor
Wayne Hetherington – Appointed Councillor – Leicestershire District Association

John Hammond – Appointed Councillor- Trent Valley District Association.
Mrs Linda Cooper – Appointed Councillor- MCS East Midlands.
Simon Ibbotson - Appointed Councillor - Notts District Association
Simon Ibbotson – Appointed Councillor – Notts District Association
Mrs S Williams – Appointed Councillor- Birmingham District Association
Mr Glen Meiner – Appointed Councillor- Coventry District Association.
Mr Gary Bratt – Appointed Councillor- North Warwickshire District Association.
Mr John Dickens – Appointed Councillor- Northamptonshire District Association.
Mr Darren Snaith – Appointed Councillor- South Lincolnshire District Association.
Mr Richard South – Appointed Councillor- West Midlands District Association.
Mrs S Daniels – Appointed Councillor- BCC