Youth section – CCY

Central Counties CCY

What is the CCY?

Camping and Caravanning Club Youth is a section dedicated to 12 – 17 year olds that enjoy camping and would like to meet other kids and young adults their own age.

All the majority of camping weekends there will be a separate area where the CCY can camp together.

What is different about the CCY?

The CCY are encouraged to camp independently from their parents and there are rallies organised specifically for youth members.  There are two Regional Meets held in the winter (January) and in the summer (May).  These are run by each of the Regions District Associations (DA’s) in turn and are a good way of meeting youth from different areas.

During the winter Meet there are inter DA competitions and quiz’s.  Again the emphasis of the summer Meet is on inter DA competitions, with 5 aside football, volleyball, netball and fun sports.

There are three other Meets that the Youth can attend.  The National Meet, Autumn Youth Rally and the International Meet.  Each Region takes it in turn to organise the National Meet and Autumn rallies.  The International Meet is held at Easter in a different country each year and CCY who are over 14 and have passed their Youth Test will have an opportunity to attend.

Next years (2020) Youth Rally will be in Coimbra, Portugal from 9th – 13th April 2020.

Central Counties Region are very proud of their Youth section.  We are very lucky to have Sarah and Paul Hemsley as Regional Youth Leaders.

To join the Regions Youth on trips you need to be aged between 12 and 17 years and passed your National Youth Test.

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