Leicestershire DA History

We were recently contacted by Brian Adams a member of Leicestershire DAwho sent us photographs of some old LDA Pennants and filled us in on some bits of LDA history.

LDA History
LDA History


As a Member of Leicestershire DA way back in the 1950’s & 60’s I thought I would have a look at your website and see what is happening now.

I was intrigued to see the ‘Huntsman’ logo… because I believe that my dad Pete Adams designed it! 

Originally, we were Leic’s, Nott’s & Derby DA. According to dates on club pennants Derbyshire became a separate DA in 1957, then Leics & Notts separated in 1960, with Leics DA holding their ‘1st meet’ at Allexton on 7th-8th May 1960.

We had a great CCY group and LDA started doing CCY tests in 1960 when I was 11, my dad made the plaques .. see picture. Through most of the 60’s he was one of the Youth Leaders.

In 1966 I was at the first National Youth Rally in Uttoxeter Race Course and went to 3 International Youth Rallies. 

As a family we went to many national events(FOL), regional events and travelled all over the country to the club’s holiday meets. My dad was responsible for introducing canoeing to the club with a canvas covered kayak that we built at home. 

I always felt so fortunate to have had this as part of my childhood.

I hope that you find this of interest.

Brian Adams.

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