RIP Liz Stringfellow

Elizabeth Stringfellow- Secretary Central Counties Region
Elizabeth Stringfellow- Secretary Central Counties Region

Liz, Roger, Pat and I (David) joined the Camping and Caravanning Club during the 1979 camping season. Initially Pat and myself in a caravan, Liz and Roger in a large, comfortable frame tent.  Despite the work involved setting up and dismantling they camped virtually every weekend from March to November.

Our four children, Claire and Kate (mine) Michael and Michelle (theirs) were all totally involved in the camping life.  Michelle and Michael eventually became CCY members, then full members. Both have, until very recently, been members of the NDA committee. All their children are also camping club enthusiasts.

Some members will remember the gale at a meet on the side of the River Trent.  We spent the whole night holding Liz and Rogers tent in place, while dodging flying toilet tents and porta potties. That was when Liz and Roger decided to splash out on a van.

I joined the NDA committee in 1984 and, in various posts, served for 14 or 15 years, Liz joined as Catering officer a few years later. She left June 2020 a total of 30 plus years of absolute commitment.

By 2006 Pat and myself were starting to camp abroad for long spells and our involvement in DA camping decreased.  Liz and Rogers involvement just seemed to get stronger.  Involved in NDA – Central Counties Region – Countryside Care – Tow car of the Year- NFOL s, the list is endless

As an NDA catering officer Liz was second to none. Whether involved in a simple coffee morning, a Da social, a major DA function such as the Buffet dance (held during the non-camping season) or the VIP lunch at the Goose Fair Meet – Liz and Roger did the DA proud.  Her organisation of these events was awesome. The logistics and budgeting of the DA camping season – non-camping season – the GFM or Regional meets and I think even at least one National, seemed to be second nature to Liz, ably assisted by Roger.

Can you remember her fruit cakes?  Aesthetic masterpieces and beautiful to taste.  She would produce the DA Christmas Cake(s) the challenge of scale never daunted her.

She eventually held the post of DA chairperson and finally Central Counties Regional Secretary

As she became more involved in the Region (I only managed one spell of 3 years) Liz’s involvement in the NDA never diminished, eventual becoming NDA President.  She also served as minutes secretary for Michelle in her time as DA secretary.

She was awarded the DA Honorary Membership

Along with all this leisure time involvement Liz and Roger brought up their family.  Liz worked as a child minder.  Not only did she care for the children, she made genuine, lifetime relationships with the parents. Roger and Liz are honorary grandparents to more families than I can remember.  Some of the children she cared for now have families of their own. She was also chairperson of the local Childminders group.

For 41 years Liz and Roger have committed their lives to the welfare of others.  Their contribution to our great hobby of camping and the social life that this involves cannot be underestimated.

They did not do it for others, it was just what they enjoyed doing and the way they chose to live their lives.  Their reward, the many friendships that created.

They will be missed by hundreds of people and are loved by so many. 

Rest in Peace Liz – We love you and always will.               

David and Pat Stringfellow

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