RIP Harold Webb

Harold Webb was a member of Birmingham District Association. Harold was a fun loving gentleman, always impeccably dressed and never without his whistle. Harold passed away 9th April 2020.

VE Day 1995 at Button Oak, Bewdley. Harold dressed as Sweeney Todd and his caravan awning decorated as a Barbers Shop. Pictured here pretending to style Richards hair.

Harold was a member of Birmingham D.A. for approx. 46 years, he was a member of Committee for 14 years, serving as Social Secretary, Equipment Officer and the last 12 months before retiring from Committee served as Chairman. 

Harold very much enjoyed the Central Counties Regional Meets and the last one he attended won an award for representing the Birmingham D.A. in the Mardi Gras as a one man outfit. 

Any weekend Harold and Cath stewarded was always going to be unusual and different but always fun and an enjoyable weekend was had by all. 

Harold loved his whistle and on occasions was told what to do with it, but undeterred next time he was out the whistle was with him. 

Harold you will be sorely missed. 

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  1. Harold was always life and sole of the week end, there was never a dull moment and most importantly Harold was a Great Chairman of the BDA.

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