2019 Cadac Regional Camp Cook

The 2019 Cadac Regional Camp Cook competition was held during the Regional Meet hosted by Coventry DA.

We managed to erect the Cadac shelter between thunder storms at the Central Counties Regional Meet so that this years event cold take place.

The contestants Mr T Cooke, Mr P Hemsley, Mr G Meiner, Mrs H Snell and Mrs A Smith all brought their BBQ’s and food to cook.

They were given 30 minuets to make a meal with what they had brought with them.  

What a great time was had with a lot of cheerful bantering between them, whilst being observed by the watchful eyes of the judges. Mrs C Henson, Mrs G Fell and Mrs J Brown.

We would like to thank them all for a really stressful and difficult job of deciding who the winner was to be.

Their final Decision was Mrs Ann Smith. On behalf of the Region we wish her all the luck in the final at this years NFOL.

Report by David Sewell, Regional PRO.

Cadac Camp Cook Competition
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